Coppercraft Distillery Launches New Bottles, Branding and Bourbons

HOLLAND, Mich. — Coppercraft Distillery, the award-winning artisan spirits distiller based in Holland, Mich., is launching new bottles and new packaging this week, containing the company’s existing products and New American Blends. Customers will begin to see the new Coppercraft products on shelves at select retailers in the West Michigan market starting today.

Most visible in the company’s redesign is the new Coppercraft bottle, which is a complete transformation from the original. The updated bottle shape and style is designed to evoke a classic, premium look for Coppercraft’s spirits, which are made with care in the classic method of distilling and blending. In addition to the bottle redesign, Coppercraft’s new packaging includes a “Proudly Crafted in Holland, Mich.” seal and its product commitment directly on the label, which reads:

Coppercraft is a tribute to the American Craftsman. Building upon West Michigan’s legacy as high quality makers and manufacturers, we bring together grain and oak to craft the finest spirits.

“Our branding and bottles are bold, yet classic, and only outdone by the exceptionally blended product inside,” said Brandon Joldersma, general manager of Coppercraft. “The bottle maintains and builds upon everything that is Coppercraft Spirits—artisan, crafted and creative, filled with the best spirits.”

Coppercraft’s first products in the new bottles include two of its New American Craft Blended Whiskies:

  • Straight Bourbon: Fronted by a 10-plus year old found bourbon and blended with a 4-year old bourbon whiskey, Coppercraft’s Straight Bourbon has a rich, full-flavored, toasty finish.
  • Blended Bourbon Whiskey: A handcrafted blend brings that brings together Coppercraft’s original 4-year bourbon with a 4-year and 10-year found bourbon whiskies, which enhance texture and palate, creating a flavor and noticeable smoothness in every glass.

Both Coppercraft blends are handcrafted from carefully selected products, expertly blended by Master Blender Nancy Fraley for creative excellence. Fraley is the creator of numerous award-winning spirits as well as director of research and instructor of blending and nosing for faults with the American Distilling Institute.

“Hand crafting great whiskey requires patience, time and a nose for excellence. We make our bourbons and whiskies in a deliberate, intentional way, focusing on every detail of production, right here in Holland,” said Joldersma. “Our chaIlenge is to produce enough that will satisfy demand. Like many distillers, we are actively seeking and blending the very best found bourbon with ours to create a premium product of the highest quality.”

In addition to its two bourbons, Coppercraft’s gin, comprised of 13 botanicals, foraged and found, is also available in new bottles this week. Hints of juniper are balanced with coriander, orange, cinnamon and lemon.

New packaging is currently available at select independent retailers and restaurants in West Michigan. All Coppercraft spirits will begin to appear on retail shelves in new packaging in late March, or as retailers reorder.

About Coppercraft Distillery

Every bottle of Coppercraft Premium Spirits is a tribute to the American Craftsmen. We build upon the legacy of our West Michigan tradition–the makers and manufacturers; creators and curators; designers and developers. We bring together grain, oak and time to craft the finest premium spirits. Every detail is considered in what we craft and blend, and how you experience it. Coppercraft spirits include rum, gin, vodka, citrus vodka, whiskeys and bourbon that can be found throughout Michigan. For info about spirits, restaurant menu and tours, visit: