Puente Internacional Introduces La Luna Mezcal

SONOMA, Calif. — As the popularity of Mezcal continues to grow at an unprecedented rate throughout the United States, Mexican artisanal spirits producer Puente Internacional is keeping its attention on sustainability and social impact as they introduce La Luna Mezcal.

Hailing from Etucuaro, Michoacán in Mexico, La Luna Mezcal is grown, harvested and produced using a sustainable and biodynamic process while remaining true to traditional methods started four generations ago in 1910.

The region, Cuna de Mezcal, known for producing exceptional artisanal mezcal, is also home to the Perez Escot family and Destiladora Las Azucenas. Lush and tropical, it sits tucked away in a verdant mountain range at an elevation of 1790 meters. The soil, climate and abundance of white oak used in the smoking process make it ideal for growing Cupereta Agave, and the production of LaLuna Mezcal.

The La Luna Mezcal flavor profile is described as having a deft touch of wood with light smoky undertones, notes of citrus blossom and vanilla bean. The mild, yet dynamic flavors of La Luna make it ideal to enjoy on its own neat, or incorporated into mixology cocktails where it compliments other ingredients while not overpowering them.

The smoky flavor of La Luna is attributed to the mezcal production process, which involves smoking the piñas in volcanic rock lined pits over several days, as opposed to Tequila production, where the piñas are baked.

An integral part of the ongoing partnership between the Perez Escot Family and Puente Internacional is rooted in producing La Luna in a way that supports the farmers, the surrounding communities, the wildlife and the agriculturally rich land that is crucial to ensure a healthy future for fine Mexican spirits.

The extraordinary worldwide demand for Tequila and Mezcal has reached a point that the sustainability of agave production and other resources have become jeopardized. While the shortage and premature harvesting of Blue Agave has posed serious issues for many regions of Mexico, Puente and the Perez Escot Family strive to ensure the longevity of the Cupereta Agave by replacing each one harvested with 10 new plants.

Puente Internacional and La Luna’s dedication to ‘doing things better’ is not limited to the reforestation of Agave.

“There is opportunity to do better in almost everything we do: from biodynamic farming to fair wages for workers; sustainable agave and protection of native wildlife – everything from the farm to the consumer,” said Salvador Chavez, CEO of Puente Internacional.

Puente is determined to Build bridges and not walls. Chavez, his partners, and his affiliated U.S. based companies have allowed them to stay true to their mission of focusing on values, product and people through their ‘Crafting Impact’ campaign. (www.CraftingImpact.com)

The initiatives behind Crafting Impact focus on issues facing Mexico as well as those domestically in the Unites States. In Michoacán, Puente values a quality livelihood for families, provides financial assistance for education through each bottle sold, and seeks to employ single mothers on the farms and distillery. Environmental issues facing reforestation and animal welfare extend all the way down to support for the endangered monarch butterfly, which famously ends its successful migration in Michoacán.

Within the U.S., Crafting Impact strives to help those in the beverage industry reduce their environmental footprint by popularizing a collection of Spirit ofChange products that include glass straws, reusable bar storage and green cleaning products.“

At Puente Internacional, we’re dedicated to producing a diverse portfolio of signature artisanal Mexican Spirits, while protecting every element involved in the production process,” said Chavez.

La Luna Mezcal is currently available in CA, IL, OR, WI, NY, MD, DC and AR

La Luna Mezcal

45.55% alc/vol

$42.99 SRP