Shrub District Launches Mint Julep and Sazerac Flavors

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Shrub District, bottled cocktail vinegars and classic cocktail syrups made from locally sourced fresh fruit, herbs, and spices, announced today the launch of two new additions to their line of Don’s Classics; Don’s Sazerac and Don’s Mint Julep. Shrub District is the perfectly balanced cocktail vinegar designed to elevate the at home drinking experience. Shrub District is also the recent recipient of a Good Food Award 2018 for their Just Grapefruit cocktail vinegar.

  • Don’s Sazerac is a balance of bitter and sweet. Inspired by the original Sazerac cocktail of New Orleans, this syrup is infused with bitter components such as fennel, anise, wormwood and 10 additional botanicals. Fresh lemon oil and a touch of sweetness balance the pleasing bitter, creating the perfect Sazerac cocktail in just ten seconds. 8oz/$12.00
  • Don’s Mint Julep will put the powerful Bourbon in its place. The fresh and pure flavors of this syrup come from fresh local mint, which is extracted three different ways to increase flavor intensity and distribute it throughout the palate. A perfect match for craft whiskey’s, Don’s Mint Julep makes the classic cocktail in less than 10 seconds! 8oz/$12.00

“The Don’s Classics line will help anyone make great craft cocktails at home,” said Don Morton, Shrub District Owner and Founder. “We know that customers demand the highest quality food and beverage, and that’s no different in the mixer category. Our obsession with flavor and respect for real food sets our products apart, making them the top choice for professional bartenders, as well as cocktail enthusiasts.”

The two new flavors are added to an existing line of flavors, including: Just Grapefruit, Ginger, Lime, Pineapple All Spice, Strawberry Dill, Blueberry Basil, Apple Nutmeg, Cranberry Sniper and Don’s Old Fashioned. The shelf-life is one year. Each 8oz bottle makes 8 to 16 drinks.

Produced in Washington DC, Shrub District can be found via e-commerce or in bars and restaurants throughout the Northeast. For additional information on Shrub District, please visit

About Shrub District

Shrub District believes that you do not have to be a mixologist to make a perfectly balanced cocktail—their tart, but sweet shrubs, and sweet, but bitter syrups, have everything you need to make a perfect drink at home. Shrub District sources local seasonal fruit, organic citrus, organic white vinegar, and natural cane sugar. Never used: additives, preservatives, or GMOs.