SLRRRP Gelatin Shots Launches Three-Packs

Los Angeles – SLRRRP, the ready-to-drink, alcohol-infused gelatin shot company now offers gelatin shots in a pack of three. The shots, which previously were sold in jars of 20 or single serve, can now be purchased via a three pack. The trio packs, two Strawberry Slammers and one Blue Raspberry Smash, can be purchased exclusively in hotel room mini-bars at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada retailing for between $12-15.

“The Palms Hotel is undergoing a transformation and is leading the way in innovation,” said CEO Stephen Houck. “With a brand as innovative as SLRRRP, we took the Palms Mini bar project as a challenge to continue our evolution and partner with the an amazing and iconic establishment.”

SLRRRP shots are made from 100% plant-based gelatin, making the shots vegetarian friendly and relatively low-calorie, at 82 calories per shot. The vodka in each shot is distilled six times for a smooth, refreshing taste. Because SLRRRP shots were created with the on-the-go customer in mind, they do not need to be refrigerated.

Beyond the new trio pack, SLRRRP offers the gelatin shots in five different flavors:

  • Mango Unchained
  • Peach Bottom
  • Blue Raspberry Smash
  • Watermelon Guzzler
  • Strawberry Slammer

This summer enjoy the SLRRRP for your next pool party, music festival, camping trip, or barbecue. SLRRRP is constantly looking for ways to become more travel-friendly and accessible, and the shot trio is the most convenient options for consumers to date.

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SLRRRP launched April 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand focuses on the Ready-To-Drink alcohol market by creating an easy all-in-one shot that is both convenient and delicious. SLRRRP’s flagship product is a vodka shot with a proprietary, vegetarian-friendly, gelatin blend. The company urges all adult consumers to sell, serve and enjoy SLRRRP shots responsibly.

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