Baltimore Spirits Company Releases Epoch Rye Whiskey

BALTIMORE— Baltimore Spirits Company has announced they will be releasing the next batch of their flagship whiskey, Epoch Rye, Saturday, March 16 starting at noon. This will be the first Epoch Rye release of 2019 and will be available exclusively at their tasting room and distillery in Medfield’s Union Collective.

This will be the fifth batch of Epoch Rye to be released since the brand was initially launched last March. Since then Epoch Rye has won numerous awards, including a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and gold at the New York International Spirits Competition. It has also been featured in recent articles about the Maryland rye whiskey industry in the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

The latest release of Epoch Rye is described by Baltimore Spirits Company as the fruitiest and most aromatic expression to date. Samples were taken from 16 of their American oak barrels, and from those six were chosen for an “all-star” batch.

“It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we first launched Epoch Rye,” said Baltimore Spirits Company co-founder and CEO Max Lents. “So much has happened to us as a company since then, but each release still feels like the first time.”

Epoch Rye is available at Baltimore Spirit Company’s tasting room in the Union Collective for $39.99. For more information, visit

About Baltimore Spirits Company

Founded in 2015 by friends Ian Newton (CFO), Max Lents (CEO) and Eli Breitburg-Smith (Head Distiller), the Baltimore Spirits Co distills premium, award-winning spirits that express the culture, chorus and meaning of Baltimore, restoring an industry of rye whiskey and spirits manufacturing to Maryland. In their new, state-of-the-art distillery located in the Baltimore Union Collective building, they combine modern distillation techniques with Old World craftsmanship to create expressive spirits that can only come from bold, forward-thinking experimentation. Their portfolio includes Shot Tower Gin (Gold Medal Winner at both the New York International Spirits Competition and San Francisco World Spirits Competition), Epoch Straight Rye (Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition), Fumes Pumila Smoked Apple Brandy and Baltamaro, a volume of flavored Amari consisting of Fernet, Coffee and Szechuan Amaro. For additional information visit