Valentine Distilling Co. Mayor Pingree Red Label Bourbon Whiskey Returns

FERNDALE, Mich.– Demand was rather high for the Mayor Pingree Red Label Bourbon Whiskey when it made its debut release a few years ago as the first bourbon in the Mayor Pingree labeled collection from Valentine Distilling Co. So much so, that it sold out and has not been on shelves for two years. The reason being, Mayor Pingree Red Label is aged at least four years and is a small-batch marriage of Valentine’s finest casks, which are distilled in the Ferndale production facility. Well, it is time to raise a glass and say cheers, because starting Thursday, Feb. 21 the Red Label is back and in limited quantity. This release of the coveted bourbon yielded 3,900 bottles, and the distribution of this release encompasses nine states including Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey.

Non-chill filtered and bottled at 94 proof, Mayor Pingree Red Label Bourbon’s flavors are delivered in layers that linger long through the finish. Valentine’s triple-pot distillation allows for flavors and textures not commonly found in typical column-distilled bourbons.

Rifino Valentine, president and founder of Valentine Distilling Co., has always appreciated the American craftsman; working by hand, making one-of-a-kind items that stand the test of time. According to Valentine, “In distillation, this means selecting the best ingredients, distilling in small batches and taking care in every single step of the process. This leans heavily on employing old-world techniques that haven’t changed in centuries but improving on them through an intimate understanding of the science involved in the complex and dynamic processes.”

Valentine anticipates this production run to sell out rather quickly as it is a limited release. A second release of the Red Label Bourbon is scheduled for fall 2019, which is anticipated to be similar in quantity.

“Eleven years ago, when I started this company, I made the vow of producing products that compete not only locally, but internationally. By doing small releases more frequently, it ensures that we only bottle the choicest casks, when they are truly mature,” said Valentine “These releases are limited, because the whiskey has to tell us when it’s ready.”

Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for this coveted product on your local liquor store shelves. Information on locations and distributors can be found on Valentine Distilling’s website. The Mayor Pingree Red Label Bourbon is also available for bottle purchase at the Valentine Cocktail Lounge in Ferndale at one bottle per customer.

Hazen S. Pingree, mayor of Detroit (1890-1897), is considered one of the greatest mayors in U.S. history. He was a champion for the Detroiter, fighting monopolies and corruption. Valentine Distilling Co. honors the enduring spirit of ‘Old Ping’ with its award-winning Mayor Pingree family of spirits.

About Valentine Distilling Co.  

Established in 2007, Valentine Distilling Co. is an American pioneer of small batch spirits. Valentine Vodka has been named “World’s Best” by The World Vodka Awards in London back-to-back in 2016 and 2017. Also, in 2017, Valentine Distilling Co.’s 10-year Mayor Pingree Blue and Black label bourbons received the most prestigious medal awarded, the Double Gold, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In the tradition of Detroit’s manufacturing leadership, Valentine Distilling Co. is dedicated to American ingenuity, quality manufacturing and small-batch distilling using old-world techniques that create superior products. The company’s award-winning vodka, gin and bourbon are available in nine states, Ontario, and Quebec.