Wyoming’s Cowboy Country Distilling Expands Distribution to Colorado

PINEDALE, Wy.Located near the Wind River Mountain Range, Cowboy Country Distilling, makers of the official whiskey of The Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame, is now expanding the distribution of its premium spirits to Colorado.

“We’re excited to be bringing our local products to Colorado,” stated founder and master distiller, Tim Trites. “Cowboy Country Distilling uses local ingredients, combined with hand-crafted distillation methods to produce spirits that have a true provenance and unique flavors.”

All products will be available throughout Colorado exclusively by Slake Distribution. These premium spirits can be found at: 3 Rock Liquors, Firestone, CO, Total Beverage, Thornton and Westminster, CO, Federal Plaza Liquors, Thornton, CO and Daveco, Westminster, CO.

Cowboy Country Distilling’s diverse portfolio includes the mild and distinctive Brown Mule Gin; crisp, carbon and pure silver-filtered Silver Spur Vodka and playful Silver Spur Jalapeno & Bacon Vodka; French-style Rooster Rum; Red Roan Raspberry Cordial; Gold Spur Corn Whiskey; and Gold Spur Special Reserve Corn Whiskey, the official whiskey of the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Available Products

Brown Mule Gin (ABV 43%; 86 proof) — With its mild yet distinctive juniper flavor, Brown Mule Gin is converting non-gin drinkers into gin lovers. Brown Mule Gin is barrel-rested in oak brandy barrels, imparting a light brown color and unique flavor with a hint of vanilla and a smooth, sweet finish. It is distilled with nine botanicals including Western juniper berries and Wyoming rosehips. Try it in your favorite mule recipe, a gin and brandy martini with a lime wedge, or substitute it for your favorite whiskey in any cocktail recipe.

Silver Spur Vodka (ABV 43%; 86 proof) — Cowboy Country Distilling’s premium vodka is distilled from corn and filtered through a proprietary system using carbon and pure silver. This painstaking process results in one of the smoothest, cleanest vodkas you’ll find anywhere in the world. Mix it with cranberry juice and a slice of lime, enjoy it with your favorite martini or screwdriver, or try it straight up.

Silver Spur Jalapeno & Bacon Vodka (ABV 43%; 86 proof) — This unique, bold-flavored spirit begins with Cowboy Country Distilling’s premium Silver Spur Vodka, real jalapeños and bacon. Using a proprietary process, Master Distiller Tim Trites creates the perfect balance of jalapeño and bacon together in one spirit. Our Silver Spur Jalapeño & Bacon Vodka makes the ultimate Bloody Mary or spicy Dirty Martini, or mix it with lemonade, spice up a margarita, or add to barbeque sauce and marinades.

Rooster Rum (ABV 43%; 86 proof) —This hand-crafted, barrel-aged rum is a “French style” agricultural rum. Distilled from raw Columbian cane sugar, it has notes of butterscotch, pineapple, banana, fig and dates, to name just a few of the 17 complex flavor notes one might experience. Pour it over ice with a slice of lime, try it in a Pina Colada, a Mai Tai, or in a Hot Buttered Rum.

Red Roan Raspberry Cordial (ABV 43%; 70 proof) —Fresh Wyoming raspberries distilled with other natural ingredients make Cowboy Country Distilling’s signature cordial more than memorable. The true flavor of raspberries shines in this spirit that’s not too sweet and not too tart. Mix it with lemon-lime soda and a twist of lime, sparkling wine, or flavored water, or turn a White Russian into a “Blushin’ Russian.”

Gold Spur Corn Whiskey (ABV 43%; 86 proof) — Cowboy Country Distilling’s throwback, pre Prohibition-style whiskey is distilled twice through old fashioned pot stills to showcase the earthy, nutty and grassy flavors of the natural grains. Aging in oak barrels brings out light citrus and vanilla notes. Enjoy the rich flavor neat or in any whiskey cocktail. Gold Spur Whiskey is a timeless classic. Try Gold Spur Corn Whiskey in such cocktails as an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Harvey Wallbanger, Whiskey Sour, or a Mint Julep, or simply mix it with club soda.

Gold Spur Special Reserve Corn Whiskey (ABV 43%; 86 proof) — The official whiskey of the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame, Gold Spur Special Reserve Corn Whiskey is a world-class artisan whiskey produced in small batches and three times distilled using old-style pot distillation methods. Made with Wyoming corn, millet and oats, Gold Spur Corn Whiskey is smooth with a distinctive cowboy kick. Enjoy Gold Spur Corn Whiskey straight or mixed in cocktails.

About Cowboy Country Distilling

With over 40 years of distilling experience in over 50 countries. Tim Trites, Colorado native, has mastered over 2000 different spirit recipes and is producing eight of his finest, gluten-free spirits for all to enjoy. Cowboy Country Distilling ensures each hand-crafted spirit has a genuine taste of Wyoming with every sip. From the fresh mountain raspberries in the Red Roan Raspberry Cordial, to the corn from Riverton, millet from Cheyenne, and oats from Powell. Cowboy Country Distilling tries to purchase locally. Most telling of its provenance, however, is the crystal-clear water that flows from the snow-capped mountains and glaciers surrounding the distillery. Cowboy Country Distilling will forever guarantee the true taste of the West. The distillery is located directly across from the Pinedale airport offering tours and tastings. Cowboy Country Distilling’s portfolio of spirits can be found at retail establishments throughout Wyoming. One taste is all it takes to bring you to Cowboy Country! Please visit us at cowboycountrydistilling.com