Xiaman Mezcal Artesanal Launches

OAXACA, Mexico — Xiaman Mezcal Artesanal is crafted with an art handed down by five generations. This wild agave blend mezcal is a gift from ancient times. Sweet, aromatic and smokey, authentic, yet elegant: Xiaman Mezcal will appeal to all your senses.

Xiaman Mezcal is an ensemble blend of two equal parts of agaves, Tepextate and Espadín, and thus provides a perfect balance between the complex flavors of the Tepextate agave and the rich aromas from mature Espadin. Our palanquero harvesters cut the agave only during a full moon period. The experience of 5 generations has taught them that this is the moment when the plants is at the peak of sweetness. According to tradition, Mother Earth gets the first sip of the fresh spirit after distillation. Our Zapoteca mezcal producers in the town of Santo Tomás de Arriba are keepers of this wonderful tradition.

  • Age: Joven
  • Alc.: 44% Vol.
  • Agave: Wild Tepextate & Espadín
  • Style: Ensamble
  • Distillation: Copper
  • Origin: San Tomás de Arriba, Oaxaca, MX

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