WILD Flavors, Inc. and Diversified Natural Products Announce Partnership to Provide the Food and Beverage Industry – OligoFlex®, a Revolutionary Ingredient for Joint Health.

February 22, 2008, Erlanger, KY – Two leaders in the healthy / functional food and beverage industry, WILD Flavors, Inc.(WILD) – a worldwide supplier of natural and healthenhancing ingredients, flavors, colors, and innovative product concepts, and Diversified Natural Products (DNP) – an industrial biotechnology company creating natural, patented solutions with measurable and demonstrated benefits, have signed an agreement to supply OligoFlex®, a novel ingredient with health benefits to the food and beverage

“With the increasing consumer interest in functional and natural products, the collaboration of these two companies will allow for infinite opportunities for our customers and the industry in the development of healthy foods and drinks that taste good and have measurable health benefits,” states Greg Horn, Senior Director of Technology & Innovation at WILD.

Paul Jacobson, CEO for Diversified Natural Products continued by saying “WILD’s application expertise combined with DNP’s scientific knowledge and patented products will allow for a team of experts to partner in customizing formulations that truly meet the needs of consumers in their search for joint health solutions.”

OligoFlex® is a potent, natural product derived from a patented enzymatic hydrolysis of chitosan. Through the patented process, OligoFlex® is specifically designed to aid in joint health. Studies performed with the ingredient have shown it significantly reduces joint swelling and relieves joint pain.

Within the framework of the agreement, WILD will be the exclusive distributor of OligoFlex® for North America, South American, Mexico, China, and Japan for all food and beverage applications by incorporating and promoting DNP’s OligoFlex® in the development of new food and beverage platforms for Joint and Bone Health. Joint technical and project teams will be established to better meet customers’ requirements.