MARCH 5, 2008 (Piscataway, NJ) – Robertet introduces the second line in a series of new Xtreme Flavors.  Robertet’s Xtreme Orchard Flavors are high-impact, authentic, true-fruit, natural flavor profiles that are modern, multi-dimensional, and unique. This achievement is the result of Robertet’s industry-leading focus on natural flavor technology, which led to our development of proprietary new building blocks that lift natural fruit flavors to a new level. These tools have now been thoroughly explored

– and celebrated – by our creative flavorists, resulting in novel and distinctive fruit flavor profiles that are so differentiating that we’ve termed them Xtreme.

Robertet’s Xtreme Orchard Flavors exhibit fresh-pressed juice notes with the light, aromatic topnotes added back to complete the taste / aroma profile.  Formulating with Xtreme Flavors will add intensity and excitement to help transform a good consumer product into something truly outstanding.

Robertet’s latest formulations are sure to offer a rush of intense flavor to countless food and beverage applications.



Apple, Red Delicious

Apple, Ripe

Apple, Granny Smith

Peach, Ripe

Peach, Canned

Peach, Fuzzy



Plum, Sugar





Juice, Carbonated, Enhanced Water, Energy, Teas, Alcoholic


Fruit Preps:

Yogurt, Snacks, Soy Bases



Natural, WONF, Natural & Artificial, Liquid, Water Soluble, Spray Dried, Kosher


The Robertet Group is a major supplier of flavors, fragrances and raw materials worldwide.  Established in Grasse, France in 1850, Robertet has since gained a strong reputation as a manufacturer of high quality essential oils, extracts and natural isolates.  Robertet Flavors, Inc., the US flavor division headquartered in Central NJ, operates a state-of-the-art R&D center and compounding facility. Robertet Flavors provides exceptional flavor compounds, technical expertise, and applications solutions to food and beverage processors, continuing a long tradition of industry innovation and leadership.