Surefil Expands into Beverage Market to Meet Market Demand

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Surefil LLC, a contract manufacturer of liquid-fill products in the personal care, oral care, homecare, and medical industries, now has the capacity to produce and package energy drink products, securing the company’s place in the energy drink market and expanding its portfolio of services.

Surefil is poised to efficiently accommodate the growing energy drink market with its technology and expertise, according to Bill Hunt, its founder and CEO. “Having partnered with a variety of brand companies who do not currently have the internal capacity to produce and package energy drink products, we are able to efficiently execute within the beverage segment. We look forward to launching four initial energy drink flavors this year.”

Energy drinks, according to Mintel, a market research firm, are quickly becoming one of the most popular beverage segments within the beverage industry. The segment has grown more than 400 percent since 2003 and its continued growth is expected .

Surefil’s latest expansion into the beverage market required some modification to its existing equipment, including upgraded shrink sleevers. However, the modifications and upgrades will aid Surefil in its continued efforts to provide a variety of quality services to its clients in a variety of industries.

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