Wet Strength Label Papers target beverage market

M-real Consumer Packaging has launched two new fully wet strength label papers, Simcastor Label WS, a supercalendered label, and Simcastor Label WSE, a linen embossed label, aimed at the expanding beer and beverage market. Washing off easily and in one piece, the label papers are ideal for glass or PET bottles which are being returned for recycling at an increased rate by environmentally-aware consumers.

Both Simcastor Label WS and Simcastor Label WSE offer full wet-strength, in the manufacturing process, in chiller cabinets in wholesale and retail environments, and in the home. They come in basis weights of 70, 75 and 80 g/m², and both are alkaline resistant.

Simcastor Label WS and WSE provide excellent functionality throughout the value chain:

o Printing: suitable for printing by sheet-fed offset, gravure and flexo, offering good dimensional stability
o Metallising: suitable as a base for vacuum metallising
o Die cutting: the labels lay flat and provide a good die cutting result
o Labelling: the reverse side treatment allows for easy glueing and curl control, and they are suitable for today’s fast bottling lines.
o Logistics: help nurture brand identity in retail stores and restaurants. Ideal for cold storage.
o Washing: the labels can be removed in one piece in an alkaline washing process.
o Recycling: bottles are easily recycled, and removed labels can also be incinerated.

Eija Weckstram-Rita, Sales Director of M-real Consumer Packaging says: “Following a successful launch in Russia and CIS, we are now delighted to bring the Simcastor wet strength label range to new markets. They are the right products at the right time – being made from a sustainable material, paper – yet making no compromise on quality or performance.”

Simcastor Label papers are produced at M-real Simpele Mill in Finland, manufactured to high environmental and quality standards that include PEFC Chain of Custody, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. They are available in both sheets and reels, and have good availability thanks to short production cycles.

The full range of Simcastor label papers includes:
Simcastor Plus: standard label paper suitable for cans, jars and wrappings.
Simcastor Label: light wet strength label paper for beverages.
Simcastor Label WS: full wet strength label paper for beverages.
Simcastor Label WSE: full wet strength label paper for beverages, with linen embossing

M-real in brief:
M-real is one of Europe’s leading producers of paperboard and paper. Its customers include converters, brand owners, publishers, printing houses, merchants and office suppliers. M-real supports its customers’ businesses by providing high-performance paperboards and high quality papers for consumer packaging, communications and advertising end-uses. Together with its customers and partners, M-real develops products and services for demanding end-uses. The company’s paperboard is mainly used for the packaging of beauty care and healthcare products, cigarettes, branded food and consumer durables as well as graphic end-uses. Paper is used for magazines, catalogues, art books, brochures, direct mail and office papers.

M-real’s business areas are Consumer Packaging, Graphic Papers and Office Papers.
M-real is headquartered in Finland. In 2007, the company’s sales totalled EUR 4.4 (6.4USD) billion, and it has over 9,000 employees. M-real, part of Metsaliitto Group is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. Metsaliitto is the eighth largest forest industry group in the world with sales of EUR 8 (11USD) billion.