Natural Protein for Muscle Recovery Now Can Be Added to Sports Drinks

(December 1, 2008 – Cincinnati) – Stolle Wellness, a leading manufacturer of milk-based bioactive ingredients, announced today that beverage manufacturers have an opportunity to expand their product line with Stolle’s LactoMune™ to enhance athletic recovery.

LactoMune™, Stolle Wellness’ proprietary whey protein concentrate, is designed to help active people recover from daily workouts. In clinical trials, whey protein concentrate has been shown to build and maintain lean muscle mass, enhance muscle growth and stamina, and boost energy levels.

“Beverages are no longer just for hydration and nutritional needs,” said Con Sterling, President of Stolle Wellness. “Consumers today are looking for drinks which directly aid their ability to work out and maintain a high energy level.”

LactoMune™, a more concentrated form of Stolle’s UltraLactin™ which was used in a clinical study performed on non-seasonal, highly trained runners over a six -month period, can improve performance levels. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, a majority of runners using UltraLactin™ noticed an overall improvement in their training, where “overall improvement” correlated with faster recovery times between training or races.

Stolle’s bioactive milk-based functional ingredients include LactoMune™ (WPC)

MicroLactin™ (MPC) and UltraLactin™ (SMP). By incorporating these ingredients, beverage manufacturers can provide health benefits in the areas of enhanced muscle recovery, improved joint health, support of the immune and GI systems and boosted energy levels on food and beverage labels. All Stolle Wellness ingredients are self-affirmed GRAS and all-natural.

“Thanks to LactoMune™,” said Sterling,” beverage manufacturers will have the opportunity now to appeal to a larger segment of the sports drink market.”

About Stolle Wellness

Stolle Wellness is a manufacturer of science-based, dietary supplements and functional food ingredients derived from cow’s milk. Among the scientifically proven benefits associated with Stolle milk technologies are properties that complement the body’s anti-inflammatory response, enhance antibody function, assist in improving athletic performance and muscle recovery, help reduce tenderness in joints, promote the lowering of blood pressure, and promote general health and immunity.