New Beverage Bottle Cap Threading Device From TriMas’ Rieke Packaging Systems

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — TriMas Corporation (NYSE: TRS) – a diversified growth company of highly-engineered, specialty niche businesses – today announced that Rieke Packaging Systems has been working closely with a major beverage producer to introduce a new innovative product to the market.

Rieke Packaging Systems has designed a unique bottle cap threading “outsert” for a new aluminum soft drink beverage bottle. The plastic outsert is applied to the mouth of the bottle, allowing the aluminum cap to be tightly resealed. It will provide strength to the neck area of the bottle, as well as provide consumers the enhanced comfort of drinking from plastic instead of cold aluminum.

“We were delighted to work with this manufacturer in developing this novel approach to the bottle cap assembly and we think it provides a variety of advantages for everyone,” said Lynn Brooks, Group President of TriMas’ Packaging Systems segment.

“The aluminum can keeps the beverage colder, especially during outdoor events, and the screw cap allows the bottle to be re-sealed so the beverage doesn’t lose its carbonation,” he said. “The aluminum can itself offers a lot of increased potential for the company to show exciting product graphics.”

The new soft drink aluminum bottle is currently being test marketed at selected events in several regions in the U.S., and was featured at the Olympic Games held this past summer in Beijing, China.

About Rieke Packaging Systems

Headquartered in Auburn, Indiana, Rieke Packaging Systems has built its worldwide reputation on setting the standards in the packaging industry since 1921. The company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium-quality packaging products for the global commercial, industrial and consumer sectors. Rieke has market leadership in steel and plastic closure caps, drum enclosures, ring and levers, and specialty dispensing systems.

About TriMas

Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, TriMas Corporation (NYSE: TRS) is a diversified growth company of high-end, specialty niche businesses manufacturing a variety of products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets worldwide. TriMas Corporation is organized into five strategic business groups: Packaging Systems, Energy Products, Industrial Specialties, RV & Trailer Products and Recreational Accessories. TriMas Corporation has nearly 5,000 employees at 70 different facilities in 10 countries. For additional information, please visit