Brattleboro, Vermont — NutraGenesis introduces Sensara™, the GRAS affirmed “beauty-from-within” functional ingredient that helps combat the internal and external causes of aging skin by providing multifunctional, restorative skin-fortifying nutrition as well as increasing resistance to the skin damaging effects of stress. Sensara™ is a state of the art combination of two multi-patented Ayurvedic extracts from NutraGenesis; the ultimate superfruit “beauty food” Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and the exceptional “mood food” Ashwagandha.

Aging of the skin is caused by a variety of environmental (extrinsic) factors such as the sun’s rays, air pollution, poor nutrition, etc. and internal (intrinsic) factors such as secretion of stress induced stress hormones including cortisol. Deep within the dermal matrix these factors cause collagen the binding protein that literally holds the body together to deteriorate and lose its natural elasticity resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Sensara’s proprietary formula boosts resistance to premature aging by preventing free radical damage to the dermal extracellular matrix and rejuvenates skin cells by increasing circulation of oxygen and vital nutrients through a reduction in stress hormones that can have negative effects on the skin. When incorporated into food and beverage products, Sensara’s “look good – feel good” formulation delivers advanced skin health rejuvenation from within, providing dermal nourishment to protect delicate skin tissue, restore radiant skin tone and increase resistance to stress.

Clinically proven in in vivo and in vitro models, Sensara™ features potent, substantiated functional food claims for;  skin/anti-aging, stress reduction, sun protection, inflammatory response and multi-mechanism antioxidant action.

Sensara™ skin enhancing functional ingredient was developed to capitalize on the rapidly expanding beauty-from-within position in the food and beverage category and is backed with a turnkey product support program including regulatory expertise, as well as application and formulation services. Sensara™ may be utilized in a wide array of product applications including hot and cold beverages, dairy based drinks, nutrition bars, confections and more.

“We are very excited about the possibilities for Sensara™ given the burgeoning beauty-fromwithin market,” said NutraGenesis president, Suzanne McNeary. “Sensara™ possesses the regulatory and scientific substantiation required to dominate in today’s demanding marketplace.”

About NutraGenesis

NutraGenesis is a nutraceutical product development and marketing company dedicated to the commercialization of proprietary, scientifically validated, bioactive ingredients for the food and beverage, dietary supplement, and cosmeceutical industries.