Associated Bottling Inc. building a true, state of the art bottling plant in Orange County, CA

.  Associated Bottling, Inc. is pleased to
announce today they are under a purchase agreement for the acquisition of a
116,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing/ Warehouse building in Orange County CA, which
will house new, state of the art blow molding and filling equipment to be able
to blow proprietary unique shaped bottles and 4 filling lines to produce water
or water based beverage.

Associated Bottling offers proprietary bottle designs and product
development for our clients who need a specialized facility to accommodate
unique bottle and packaging designs in a growing market that demands product
differentiation.  According to John
Regas, CEO and founder, Associated Bottling is currently interviewing anchor
clients that fit well with the production minimum of one million cases per year
in volume. “By investing in the very best, we ensure that we attract the
very best clients who require a bottling presence in Southern
,” Regas noted.

Alicia Helms, VP sales and Marketing, remarked  “We are very excited about the plant size
that will match our growth plans for our new facility in So Ca over the next
few years.” 

About Associated Bottling
Associated Bottling (AB) was organized with $1.8 million in start-up capital by
John Regas (CEO and founder) in 2006 with the objective of becoming the leader
in branding and bottling production for the media-driven beverage
industry.  Re-energizing the link between
the brand and the consumer, AB brings a fresh perspective and customizable,
creative life to bottle design and direct advertising on beverage
containers.  While Associated Bottling
does not design or “own” the beverage, it designs and produces the
beverage container and a patented advertising model that increases demand for
the beverage brand.

About John Regas

Regas is an entrepreneurial leader in Southern California‘s
Special Events and specialty food and beverage industries.  Mr. Regas recognized a developing trend
toward increasing consumer attraction to the small but growing segments of
natural products that promote health. 
Among the first marketers to invest in consumer’s increasing willingness
to try new concepts and ideas in beverage products, Mr. Regas has a visceral
understanding that consumers buying decisions are influenced by packaging and
message content.  The consumer trends that
are grabbing hold in the beverage market today include functional drinks such
as vitamin enriched water, energy drinks and flavored alcoholic beverages.  Consumers desire for convenience is leading
to smaller pack sizes and new packaging features (i.e., resealability) in soft
drink categories.