Cargill Introduces TRUVIA(TM) Natural Sweetener Brand,

In response to strong consumer demand for a natural, zero-calorie way to sweeten foods and beverages,Cargill
today introduced TRUVIA(TM) brand (pronounced Tru-VEE-a) natural
sweetener, a great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener made from rebiana,
the best-tasting part of the stevia leaf. TRUVIA(TM) natural sweetener
will provide consumers with a new, natural way to reduce calories in
their diet while still enjoying sweet-tasting foods and beverages.

natural sweetener is a breakthrough new ingredient. This is a
significant milestone for Cargill’s emerging zero calorie sweetener
business with application across food, beverage and tabletop products.
We have spent more than two years validating the consumer demand for
this new sweetener. Soon consumers will recognize TRUVIA(TM) for
quality and great taste, delivering the first natural, zero calorie
sweetness people have been asking for,” said Marcelo Montero,
president, Cargill Health & Nutrition.

Beginning in Nature

rebiana begins with a leaf. Leaves from the stevia plant, a shrub
native to Paraguay and today commercially grown in China, are harvested
and dried, then steeped in fresh water in a process similar to that of
making tea. This process unlocks the best-tasting part of the leaf,
which is then purified to make a food-grade sweet ingredient. The
finished product is the pure sweetness of rebiana, which is 200 times
sweeter than sugar. TRUVIA(TM) natural sweetener has a clean, sweet
taste that is consistent as an ingredient for food and beverages.

new, natural sweetener leverages Cargill’s expertise in specialty food
ingredients, agronomy, food science and safety as well as consumer
insight and marketing capabilities,” said Steve Snyder, vice president,
Cargill Health & Nutrition. “The company is positioned to manage
the development of this new sweetener from the first plantings in the
field to formulation for foods and beverages, all the way to the
product that will sweeten your morning coffee.”

Scientific Studies Supporting Truvia(TM) Natural Sweetener

published electronically today in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal
Food and Chemical Toxicology clearly establishes the safety of rebiana
for use as a natural, zero-calorie sweetener in food and beverages. A
rigorous safety evaluation program – the first of its kind to evaluate
rebiana – addressed unresolved questions and verified the safety of the
product for use as a general purpose sweetener. The research program
included metabolism, safety, intake, stability and human studies that
complement the body of previously published research on purified
steviol glycosides, the sweet components of the stevia leaf.

Background on Stevia

stevia plant has been grown, harvested and used in South America to
sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years. The plant was
discovered by the Guarani natives of Paraguay who used its leaves to
sweeten drinks. In 1931, two French food-researchers isolated the sweet
components of the stevia leaf.

Consumers in Japan
have been using stevia commercially for more than three decades, and
today, stevia represents 40 percent of the country’s low- or
zero-calorie sweetener market.

Because rebiana
begins with a leaf, supply is contingent upon the strength of the
stevia crop. Over many years, Cargill has built a strong and consistent
stevia supply chain in anticipation of launching TRUVIA(TM) natural
sweetener, and has a dedicated staff on the ground and partner
companies in key regions around the world supervising production and
ensuring good stewardship of land and water. Today, one stevia plant
yields enough rebiana for 30 six-ounce cups of coffee.

About TRUVIA(TM) Natural Sweetener

natural sweetener is a great-tasting, natural, zero-calorie product,
made from rebiana, the best-tasting part of the stevia leaf.

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