Constar introduces Vertical Compensation Technology (VCT) – Panel-less hot-fill PET technology for beverages and food


PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Constar International Inc. (NASDAQ:CNST) today introduced Vertical Compensation Technology™ (VCT™), an innovative, panel-less hot-fill technology for PET containers. Constar developed VCT technology to provide its PET bottles and jars with the look and premium feel of glass and robust in-hand feel, targeting glass-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic conversions for hot-fill beverage and food products.

Constar’s VCT technology employs distinctive geometry to address the natural stresses placed on PET bottles and jars during the hot-fill process. Designed using Constar’s CONSTruct™ advanced predictive engineering software, the distinctive hoop geometry eliminates the need for vacuum panels by allowing the bottle or jar to flex vertically to compensate for the vacuum created in the hot-fill process. One of its major benefits is improved productivity during the filling process as the smooth sidewalls and rigidity facilitate the high-speed application of roll-fed labels. This also replicates the in-hand feel of traditional glass hot-fill bottles and jars-no “crinkly” label feel-giving it a sensory advantage over current six-panel hot-fill PET containers. The end result is a very strong PET container that has the look and premium feel of glass.

Customers converting from glass to Constar’s PET containers with VCT technology secure considerable sustainability benefits. These PET containers are far lighter in weight than glass, resulting in freight and energy savings. With fuel prices continuing to rise, this benefit continues to grow. From a consumer perspective, used PET containers are accepted by curbside recycling programs. Used PET has a high market demand and recovery value, finding its way back into bottles and into products like carpet, clothing and sleeping bags.

Commenting on the announcement, Constar Senior Vice President-Sales and Marketing Dan Ingram said the market is ripe for hot-fill PET bottles and jars that deliver the visual aesthetics and tactile experience of glass. “PET offers significant cost and sustainability advantages for hot-fill foods and beverages, yet the traditional six-panel design is not entirely satisfactory for many glass container conversions. The unique geometry of VCT containers breaks down those barriers; it has the same robustness and rigidity of glass. And that’s key to companies looking to convert from glass to PET,” he explained.

Constar’s VCT hot-fill panel-less technology is available in stock and custom designed bottles and jars.

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