New Joint Health Ingredient Now Available For Food and Beverage

Washington. (July 15, 2008): TandemRain Innovations recently announced
the availability of ActivMSM™, the first and only GRAS-designated MSM
product.  ActivMSM, a proprietary form of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane),
has been granted GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation for
food and beverage formulations.

Innovations, the only marketer of ActivMSM, will work with companies
interested in this proprietary new offering, helping them to develop
ActivMSM into exclusive formulations for functional foods and
beverages.  ActivMSM offers numerous benefits as an added ingredient to
food products such as yogurt, yogurt drinks and smoothies, nutrition
bars, sports drinks, and other beverages. As a functional ingredient,
ActivMSM is odorless, dissolves rapidly in liquids, and does not affect
color or clarity of beverages and is stable at high temperatures.

ActivMSM is
manufactured in a dedicated GMP facility and undergoes rigorous third
party testing to ensure the highest level of purity and consistency. 
TandemRain Innovations introduced the company’s initial line of
products with ActivMSM at the IFT Conference, June 28. 

ActivMSM is produced exclusively for TandemRain Innovations, Inc.

long-recognized joint health nutrient, MSM has been clinically shown to
reduce inflammation and protect articular cartilage, and has gained
wider acceptance for active individuals of all ages who want to remain
active as they age.  Since joint pain continues to be one of the most
reported health complaints across multiple demographics, the demand for
MSM is expected to grow.  By formulating MSM into foods and beverages,
companies can now provide consumers with long-term health benefits of
MSM without the inconvenience of taking multiple pills.

innovation company that addresses all areas of the product development
cycle including formulation, testing, manufacturing, packaging,
branding, marketing and distribution. They create innovative new
products, and enhance existing ones, leveraging functional and
exclusive ingredients. Currently, TandemRain is the exclusive marketer
of ActivMSM™, the only GRAS-designated MSM product available, as well
as numerous other beneficial products and ingredients.