Cargill Introduces Freshzone Technology to Enhance Flavor Stability and Safety for Food and Beverages

has developed a new flavor technology that delivers a consistent, fresh
taste experience to consumers, and is safer for manufacturers than
liquid alternatives.

Freshzone(TM) technology is
currently formulated for powdered applications, making flavors taste
fresher and more natural, and ensuring the shelf life of the flavor
components in products such as powdered drinks and gelatins. This
flavor technology gives food and beverage manufacturers convenient,
nonflammable dried powders that are safer than flammable liquid
alternatives. Some liquid flavor components are flammable at sub-zero
temperatures; when encapsulated with Freshzone(TM) technology, the same
flavor components are durable up to 200°F (93°C).

thermodynamically stable encapsulation, Freshzone(TM) technology holds
volatile flavor components at the molecular level. Fresh flavor remains
protected in the powder, which consistently delivers the flavor
components to consumers as they prepare, eat or drink the product.
Also, “capturing” the ingredients in the Freshzone(TM) complex makes
the flavor safer and easier for manufacturers to handle than
unencapsulated, flammable liquids.

desire for a consistent flavor experience led us to develop this
patent-pending technology,” said David Kroll, marketing manager,
Cargill Flavor Systems. “This is one of several Cargill flavor
platforms that help our customers create fresh, great-tasting consumer

The materials used in the Freshzone(TM)
encapsulation are Kosher, Halal, not subject to GM labeling, and are
approved as a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food additive.
Examples of the technology have been successfully applied to key flavor
ingredients and demonstrated in citrus flavor systems. To learn more
about flavors with Freshzone(TM) technology or request samples,

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