Seal-It, a Division of Printpack, Helps Darigold Reintroduce Single Serve Milk with New Shrink Sleeve Labels


Darigold, Inc. recently reintroduced its single serve milk line up with stylishly redesigned labels printed and converted by Seal-It, a Division of Printpack, Inc. The milk line is available in six flavors in a new, larger sized ergonomically shaped “on-the-go” container.

The design direction for the labels illustrates some carryover from Darigold’s former labels with an amusing cow character drinking milk on some of the flavors. Other labels show splashes of milk on colorful backgrounds. The Old Fashioned Chocolate flavor has a nostalgic twist with an antique background and the hour glass shape of the bottle lends itself to the heat shrink labels supplied by Seal-It.

“These new colorful designs on Darigold’s 16 oz bottle are exciting and enticing. The shrink labels work extremely well with the curved shape of the bottle and will have excellent shelf impact at retail where the brand and flavor can be easily identified,” said Randy Eronimous, Director of Marketing, Darigold.

The graphics are printed 8 colors rotogravure on heat shrink PVC. The 360-degree image area allows for colorful graphics depicting milk splashing out of a glass, the new “body by milk” tag line, nutrition facts and bar code.

Seal-It, a Division of Printpack, Inc. is a manufacturer, converter and printer of heat shrinkable PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films, used for shrink sleeve labels, tamper-evident bands and multipacks. Seal-It prints up to 10 colors in a choice of rotogravure or flexographic. Printpack is a full service provider of flexible and rigid packaging that offers the latest in packaging technology for consumer and industrial markets.