NutraGenesis introduces Wellberry, the new branded superfruit ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages.

Brattleboro, Vermont: Wellberry™ is a combination of proprietary forms of two of nature’s most power packed antioxidants; a patented extract of the renowned Ayurvedic superfruit, Indian Gooseberry, and a new, patent pending, highly absorbable form of Vitamin C. The Indian Gooseberry extract contains unique bioactive ingredients that provide greater and longer-lasting antioxidant activity compared to other superfruits sold today. The Vitamin C utilized in Wellberry™ possesses the best absorption and retention rates of any commercial form of Vitamin C available to date due to its patented combination with lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids. This merging of ingredients results in a formulation that provides superior, fast acting, long-lasting antioxidant activity for improved cellular protection.

In addition to their individual health promoting benefits, the active components in Wellberry™ provide a synergistic relationship that results in the stabilization of the Vitamin C component when Wellberry™ is used in aqueous applications (namely liquid supplements and functional beverages). This well documented, patent protected ability to enhance the stability and shelf life of Vitamin C makes Wellberry™ an ideal choice for nutraceutical applications in dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages.

The Indian Gooseberry extract in Wellberry™ has also been shown in laboratory research to boost the antioxidant value of other antioxidants in a complimentary manner. For example, when mixed with pomegranate extract in aqueous solution, the combination displayed greater antioxidant capacity (measured with both in vitro and ex vivo models) than was predicted based on the sum of their individual values. This indicates that Wellberry™ has significant potential to provide superior antioxidant protection when used not only by itself but also in synergistic combination with other antioxidants for increased health benefits.

Most superfruit ingredients lack the true scientific credentials needed to support structure/function health claims that product marketers require for their product labeling.

Wellberry™ is uniquely different because it features substantiated structure/function claims for its antioxidant properties that are based on many in vivo studies. In addition, it boasts substantiated product claims in the following categories: Cardiovascular Health, Immune Support, Inflammatory Response, Cellular Protection, and Collagen Synthesis. These substantiated claims may be utilized in dietary supplement products as structure/function claims or in food and beverage products as functional food claims.

NutraGenesis is a nutraceutical product development and marketing company dedicated to the commercialization of proprietary, scientifically validated, bioactive ingredients for the food and beverage, dietary supplement, and cosmeceutical industries