Gizmo delivers a breakthrough in packaging


The GIZMO, a unique closure which instantly releases and mixes active ingredients at the point of use, is set to open up a rich vein of possibilities in new product development and add creative impact to marketing opportunities in an enormous variety of applications and end markets.

GIZMO has been Invented and patented by Gizmo Packaging Limited.  When opened by a simple turn, the pressure in the chamber of the closure drives a jet of additive into the base product to create a vigorous mix which can deliver, for example, a dramatic colour change, a burst of aroma, a fresh taste – in all cases, a product ready for immediate use.

The new closure provides a host of product and marketing USPs.  As well as the ‘Wow Factor’ inherent in consumer participation, other major benefits include freshness (the ingredients are only mixed at the point of use or consumption), accurate dosing of the ingredient to be added, product protection and longer shelf life.  The active ingredients are totally protected from UV light and oxygen.

Of equal importance, the ability of GIZMO to incorporate active ingredients opens up a variety of new product development opportunities.

The GIZMO system comprises a miniature pressurised injection moulded chamber which operates in combination with various GIZMO closure designs.  The chamber is tailored to hold the precise required volume of colours, flavours, vitamins, minerals, herbs or concentrates.  Product integrity for every ingredient is assured.

The GIZMO can be used with a wide range of container shapes and sizes in both plastic and glass with either still or carbonated base liquids.  It can also be incorporated into dispensing containers which utilise hand pumps or trigger sprays.

Markets for GIZMO include beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, food, alcoholic drinks, personal care, household products, horticulture, agriculture and DIY.  Discussions are already underway with a major multinational for the use of GIZMO in products within major sectors of the global beverage market.

The GIZMO allows manufacturers a unique opportunity to increase and enhance the functional effect and sensory impact of their products – developing fresh new RTDs, enhancing functional products, adding a creamy head to coffee or beer or offering a totally new tamper-evident system.

RPC Bramlage-Wiko, part of the RPC Group PLC, Europe’s leading rigid plastics packaging manufacturer, is to be the manufacturer of the new closure.  Injection moulding of the plastic components will initially be undertaken at RPC Bramlage’s specialised design and manufacturing facility in Lohne, Germany.  RPC will work closely with Gizmo Packaging on the requirements of individual customers and with facilities throughout the world, will be able to offer local production of the components as well as other specialist services.

Filling, pressurising and sterilisation equipment is available from Oystar Aerofill-Dawson Limited who can also contract pack from the UK or through any of Oystar’s worldwide facilities.