WILD Develops New Natural Colors From Acid-Stable Blue Color

Erlanger, KY (March 15, 2010) – WILD Flavors, Inc. (WILD) – one of the largest, privately-owned manufacturers of natural and health-enhancing ingredients, flavors, colors, and innovative product concepts to the food and beverage industry – has developed an acid-stable, natural blue color. With this development, WILD now has the ability to create attractive new color shades that are suitable for an array of food and beverage products, adding to its Colors from Nature® line.

Vice President of Food & Ingredient Technology, Tim Truby states, “Unlike previous attempts to achieve color shades such as green, purple, and black for applications by leveraging the stabilization of red cabbage or other anthocyanin based colors at neutral pH, WILD’s new blue color is unique in that it is truly acid-stable. Our color technology enables us to create an excellent spectrum of other natural colors, ranging from blue-to-green as well as blue-to-purple and black.”

Go Green

The first color in nature is green. However, the U.S. food and beverage industry has long sought a stable green color. Chlorophyll products are approved in many countries around the globe, but are not allowed in the U.S. for most applications. Juices containing chlorophyll, such as spinach, can be used but most often do not provide the required shade and have less than adequate stability. Utilizing WILD’s acid stable blue color to achieve natural green shades is an easy solution. From lime to forest green, WILD now offers appealing hues of green suitable for confectionery, bakery, savory, dairy, and beverage applications.

Purple Without the Haze

Traditionally reserved for royalty, purple is represented in many fruits and vegetables in nature. Purple colors solely derived from anthocyanins, such as grape concentrates, can only achieve reddish-purple and can be quite susceptible to factors which cause fading (such as Vitamin C). Through the use of WILD’s acid stable blue, vibrant purple shades with varying levels of blue are now available for applications across the pH range.

Back in Black

Black is also now an option for the most unique food and beverage products. Although a higher level of color is needed in applications to create a dark product, the new WILD blue with black shades, utilizing natural ingredients creates possibilities for numerous product formulations. Lighter shades create a gray impression. Utilizing a combination of WILD’s Colors from Nature® including naturally derived acid stable blue, WILD is able to offer black and gray shades for a variety of food and beverage applications.

Combining natural color technology and innovation with WILD’s proven product development expertise ensures customers the flexibility, ingenuity, and customized solutions and concepts that not only shorten development time but also look and taste great. For more information, please contact WILD: www.wildflavors.com or (859)342-3600 / (888)WILD-Flavors.

About WILD Flavors, Inc.

WILD Flavors, Inc., headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, is one of the world’s leading privately-owned manufacturers of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. WILD Flavors provides specific flavors, colors, and ingredients as well as innovative and great tasting concepts through application expertise and technological advancements. For more information about WILD Flavors, please visit: www.wildflavors.com.