Burger King Uses Flashright Suggestive Sell Displays

flashrightCUMMING, Ga. — FLASHRIGHT™ recently completed a national roll out of more than 6,000 of their FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays to Burger King®, one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant companies, announced Peter J. Monti, President.

Unique for the QSR industry, the FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays are designed specifically for outdoor use in the drive-thru of a QSR placed at the point of purchase on the speaker post or confirmation order display.  Each display slowly flashes on and off to get the customers’ attention, and influences them to buy the shown product or offer. In fact, tests have shown an average increase of 40 percent on products featured on the FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays.  The patent pending design allows for easy exchange of the promotions and the displays can be integrated with other point-of-purchase signage or used inside near the menu board areas.

“Results from tests have proven our displays provide a dynamic, high-impact message that significantly increases impulse purchases by customers,” said Monti.  “We’re excited that the fast food industry is beginning to take notice of these successful results.  Our displays are inexpensive, easy to install, easy to operate and creates additional revenue with a quick ROI.  That’s a hard opportunity to turn down.”

According to Monti, the FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays also provide QSRs with the perfect opportunity to partner with industry suppliers to create joint promotions that enhance product visibility. For example, a QSR can create a featured spot in the drive-thru to increase impulse purchases of a supplier’s product such as a dessert, soft drink or any other added-value menu item. It’s a win-win scenario for both the QSR and supplier.

The current FlashRight Suggestive Sell Displays feature red LEDs, but Monti indicates a yellow and full-color version will soon be available. FLASHRIGHT™ is currently designing other products for the QSR industry.

Based in Cumming, Ga., FLASHRIGHT™, a division of Media Imaging, Inc., was founded in 1996 and is one of the leading suppliers of suggestive sell displays in the QSR/foodservice industry.  Visit www.FlashRightDisplays.com or call 678-455-9121 for more information.