The Flow: The Flow, March 17 2008: Coke tries plug-in trucks, Red Bull sues

C K F Foods, Inc. the exclusive U.S. importer of Cocio, an
all natural, shelf stable chocolate milk has entered into an agreement with
Burke Distributing of Boston to distribute Cocio in five eastern Massachusetts
counties. The Double D
Beverage Corp.
concluded a deal with Safeway Ltd.  that will make Beaver Buzz
Energy available across Canada
. Celsius signed a deal with Schenck Company to distribute Celsius in Central Florida.

removed sodium cyclamate – an artificial sweetener
banned in the US since1969 because it was labeled as a cancer risk – from Coke
Zero products in Mexico. Coke said they replaced the sweetener, which is still
legal in 50 countries including Mexico and the European Union, to make the
beverage taste more like Coke-Classic. Click
for more information. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated will install plug-in
hybrid technology on some of its already-hybrid vehicles. Red Bull filed another lawsuit against another bar – this
time in Houston, Tex. – for “passing off” generic energy drinks as Red Bull. • The Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading of Beverage Creations after alleging that two investors earned at least $2.4 million by illegally manipulating the price of the stock.

Healthy Innovations launched Vida Tea, a sparkling green tea
enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants, at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim


Pepsi announced a partnership with British web developer
Imagini to create a new social networking site called

PepsiCo named former CMO of Pepsi North America David Burwick
to the post of executive vice president for PepsiCo international. Coke Consolidated elected Krispy Kreme chairman/CEO James
Morgan to its board. PepsiCo said Chuck Maniscalco – who ran
Quaker-Tropicana-Gatorade until last year’s reorganization – has left the
company. Cott CIO TJ Aruffo died unexpectedly after a routine hernia
surgery. He was 49.

won the title of “Best New Dairy Brand” at the Second
Global Dairy Congress held in Athens, Greece. The New York Times
featured Pepsi’s Tava in a March 14 article, highlighting the brand’s online
campaign. See it here
(login required). Monster signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Yamaha
Motocross Team – now called Yamaha Monster Motocross Team. Rockstar became the official energy drink of the National
Professional Paintball League. Coca-Cola Enterprises received the 2007 Reporting Award for Creativity in Communications for
their 2006 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability report. SENCE made an appearance at Los Angeles Fashion Week as the
non-alcoholic component of designer Jared Gold’s chosen drink, The Pink