QURE Alkaline Water Reveals New Logo and Higher pH Score

QURE's new logo is a testament to the growth of the Alkaline water industry and the brand's movement towards attracting a wider audience while appealing to its existing health conscious customers.

Kenyan Purple Tea Set to Officially Launch at Expo West This Week

The Kenyan purple tea is a sub-species variety of the common tea leaf Camellia Sinensis of the assamica type. It is now being commercially grown at high elevations in the East African county of Kenya where it is able to absorb more ultra-violet rays from the sun which allows it to produce more of the beneficial, natural compound anthocyanin which gives it the purple color.

WTRMLN WTR Launches BLNDS line

WTRMLN WTR has introduced a line of three new functional blends (aka BLNDS) to its growing product portfolio. The flavors deliver strong secondary functional benefits for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

BODYARMOR Announces Tennis Player Jack Sock as New Athlete Partner

BODYARMOR, a new premium sports drink, today announced a partnership with top-ranked American tennis star, Jack Sock. This partnership marks BODYARMOR’s first foray into the world of tennis, where proper nutrition and hydration has long been a very important part of player performance.

Good Trip Coffee Co. Unveils New Line of Ready-to-Brew Craft Cold Brews

Good Trip Coffee Co., a Denver-based specialty coffee company, has introduced a new line of Cold Brew Coffees available online in six varieties. Launching into the booming cold brew category, Good Trip Coffee Co. stands out with ethical sourcing, eye-catching packaging, and one of the only ready-to-brew cold brew products on the market.

Mad Croc Brands Launches Orange Energy Drink

Mad Croc Brands today announced Orange Energy Drink. Mad Croc’s Orange Energy is an additional beverage to their already exciting energy products portfolio.

Pier Coffee Expands Its Offering of Canned Cold Brew

Pier Coffee announces a line extension of their cold brew coffee portfolio. New products coming out this quarter include a decaffeinated cold brew and a seasonally-focused cold brew called Elle’s Reserve.