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11 oz PET

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Review: Chocolate - 90 Calories

Posted: May 04, 2012 at 10:37 AM (Last Updated: May 14, 2012 at 10:45 AM)
Of the two “90 Calorie” Mix1 products, we preferred this flavor, Chocolate, over the Vanilla variety. Using a blend of stevia and fructose, this milk based product has a mild amount of sweetness and chocolate flavor. It’s not an overly rich chocolate flavor, especially in comparison to the much thicker bodied and flavored protein drinks that are on the market today. Still, this product delivers 9g of protein, 3g of fiber, calcium, and antioxidants, which certainly gives it credibility for what it’s trying to be. However, the product is still very much a functional beverage when it comes to taste -- you can taste the sweeteners and it has a lingering finish. Visually, the product feels somewhat plain and basic, with a one-color design and a text-driven approach. This results in something that feels technical at its core, which is to say that you probably won’t drink this as an everyday or multi occasion product. Overall, it’s a decent effort from Mix1, especially since their other drinks were rather high on the calorie front, but we still feel as though this brand needs to do more to succeed.