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Last Updated: 1/22/2008 11:47 AM

Sol Maya's Oatmeal flavored shake features a well executed flavor that's packaged inside of a subpar package. First the flavor. Oatmeal is one of those things that doesn't exactly whet the appetite, but as a beverage flavor, it actually works quite well. The drink has a very milky body to it, followed by a sweet dose of oatmeal flavor that helps round out the taste. Added calcium is nice, but the dose is too small to be meaningful or to justify the 190 calories in the bottle. That being said, this drink is purely about indulgence. On the outside, things take a turn for the worse. The label design is ugly and messy, with a variety of elements that simply don't work. If they can manage to give this drink a makeover and perhaps take it up market, it might have a shot.


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Dairy: Smoothie and Shakes


9.5 fl oz (281ml) glass & 11 fl oz can

Nutritional Info

Calories 200, Fat 5g, Cholesterol 20mg, Sodium 110mg, Total Carbohydrate 31g, Dietary Fiber 3g, Protein 7g, Calcium 20%, Iron 4%


Skim milk, water, cream, sugar, oat flour, natural flavor, cinnamon, carrageen, mono and diglycerides, potassium phosphates and sodium phosphates.

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