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Review: Chia & Water

Posted: Dec 21, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jan 07, 2013 at 12:07 PM)
Blending only water and chia, the Chia & Water variety of Ahhmigo is the simplest flavor of the lineup. Simply twist, push, and shake the bottle to create the finished product. For better or worse, chia seeds don’t float nice and evenly in water, so expect to see a layer and the top and at the bottom. Otherwise, the product delivers exactly what it says it will, with 11.5 oz of water and chia seeds (black chia seeds in the unit we sampled). There’s not really any flavor to this, aside from the subtle earthiness of the chia seed. If you let them soak for a while, they’ll gel up a bit, creating an experience that definitely requires some chew. The packaging looks nice, at least in theory, but from a practical perspective we have two issues. First, the front of the bottle is hard to read thanks to gold and red lettering that’s on a clear backed label (and has clear liquid behind it). Adding some white or another color to the label’s background will alleviate this concern. Second, the amount of effort required to make this product is greater than buying a bottle of water and a stick pack of chia. And since this product doesn’t really offer much in the way of value over going down the DIY path, we think that’s a real issue for building a repeat customer base for this variety. If they can figure out something else to add, be it in flavor or function, we think that they might have something. Until then, this product is fine, but its niche definitely feels a bit limited in the long run.