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Review: Greens & Water

Posted: Dec 21, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jan 07, 2013 at 12:07 PM)
Of the Ahhmigo lineup of cap-activated beverages, Greens & Water definitely feels like the most developed concept. Featuring a rather lengthy list of ingredients contained in the cap (64 total ingredients), they’ve decided to divide up the ingredient list by ingredient type, which includes algae, phytonutrients & enzymes, extracts & mushrooms, green juices, western herbs, and natural antioxidants. Like the other flavors of Ahhmigo, all you have to do is twist, push, and shake to turn the liquid from clear (it starts as water) to dark green. As for the flavor, it tastes like grassy green tea, which definitely seems like a good flavor profile for a product of this type to have (especially considering that it has 10 calories per bottle). Visually, the look of the product is quite nice, at least once you’ve mixed it. Prior to mixing, we have the same concerns that we have for the other flavors: the lettering on the front of the bottle is difficult to read on the clear backdrop. Beyond that, they haven’t explained or justified the reason for putting the ingredients in the cap rather than in the bottle. That’s something that we feel needs to be addressed. Your average consumer sees some inherent value in having their beverages pre-mixed, so taking this away without explanation reduces the value of the drink. That doesn’t bode well for a product that’s certainly more expensive to produce than a standard RTD beverage. Overall, we think that this product is off to a great start, but some refinement and improvement to the messaging would help push it over the finish line.