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Last Updated: 11/2/2009 9:13 AM

While the combination of pineapple and mint isn’t likely to whet the palate of the American consumer, it’s actually a very pleasing (and unique) flavor. Since it’s sweetened with acesulfame potassium and aspartame, the product has no sugar, but maintains a pretty natural-tasting level of sweetness. The pineapple and mint flavors work well together, with a light touch of tropical flavor being followed by the cooling sensation of mint flavor. Fiber additives aside, this is definitely a product that we would consume for taste alone. But of course, it does have added fiber (4.9 g) – and B vitamins – making for something that has added value above just refreshment. Like the other flavors, they use a petite looking 11.15 oz. bottle that’s been given a small (1” high) black label and a black cap. The small label feels somewhat cluttered, with a lot of text and images covering what limited space they have. However, the bigger problem is that the placement of the label is hard to read, especially since it sits on the lower portion of the bottle. This will make it somewhat cumbersome for the consumer to evaluate this product, ultimately requiring them to physically pick it up since you can’t read it from afar. Overall, we love the flavor combo and the added vitamins and fiber are a plus, but the label definitely needs some work.


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11.15 oz PET

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