Aloe Very

by Aloe Very, LLC

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Juice: Aloe Vera


16oz Plastic

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Review: Green Tea

(Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014 at 11:57 AM)
Of the three varieties of Aloe Very, we felt as though this one was the least successful. While the concept of blending a healthy ingredient like green tea with aloe vera is a good one (at least we think it is), the flavor feels like it’s incomplete. On the one end, you have the aloe, which, thanks to the lack of grape juice, has this almost pasty flavor. From there, you get a very distant note of honey, some stevia, and then the grassy flavor of green tea. And it’s the only flavor where we found chunks of aloe vera pulp (we’re not sure if that was intended or not). What’s missing is something to connect the two and provide a pleasant finish to the product. Visually, we have the same concerns about this flavor as we have for the others (logo on the bottle’s ribs, generic font), but the green and white combination is definitely the best of the bunch. Overall, we like the concept, but it still needs work.