Aloe Gloe

by L.A. Aloe

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Juice: Aloe Vera


15.2 oz plastic

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Review: Lemonade (2014)

(Last Updated: Oct 31, 2014 at 11:15 AM)
Blending lemon flavor with Aloe Gloe’s base liquid (a blend of water and aloe vera powder) makes for something that’s pleasing to the palate. In our opinion, this is far and away the best tasting variety in the Aloe Gloe line. It has a very light flavor profile, which makes sense given that it’s marketed as a “water.” It does a nice job of pairing aloe and lemon, with just a hint of sweetness behind it. It’s sweetened with sugar (4g per serving) and stevia, which allows the product to reduce calories and sugar content. Fortunately, you can’t taste the stevia, which is about all we can ask for when this ingredient is used. Really, our only issue with what Aloe Gloe has created is that it has no lemon juice. This might seem like we’re nitpicking, but if you’re not going to have lemon juice, just call it “Lemon.” Otherwise, the packaging is clean and straightforward, with a fully wrapped 15.2 oz. bottle that matches the rest of the Aloe Gloe line. The front panel is arranged such that all of the important info (flavor name, USDA Organic, calorie count) is easy to scan. There’s really not much more that we can ask for. Overall, a very nice addition to the Aloe Gloe lineup that’s their best tasting variety to date.