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11oz Can

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Review: Arriba Horchata Energy

Posted: May 02, 2014 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: May 02, 2014 at 11:03 AM)
Arriba is an horchata-flavored energy drink that is packaged in an 11 oz. slim can. Aside from it saying “energy” on the can, the formulation having caffeine (76mg), and being packaged in a container that’s often used for energy drinks, this product doesn’t have a whole lot in common with what you typically get from an energy drink. For starters, this is a non-carbonated, dairy-based horchata that’s sweetened with sugar. It’s rich and creamy, has a nice rice flavor and cinnamon finish, and can certainly hold its own simply as an horchata drink. On the energy front, 76mg of caffeine per can makes it slightly lower strength than your standard energy offering (80mg per 8.4 oz. can is standard), but we think that’s fine given that this is probably not the product for energy drink junkies. Beyond that, L.A. Libations, which markets the product, added a pretty standard looking cocktail of B vitamins and amino acids. When it comes to branding and design, we think that what the company has created is clean and polished. L.A. Libations seems to have intentionally avoided the flashiness that many energy brands try for, which, given the maturity of the category, is certainly something that makes sense. However, it’s hard to say if its approach, which is very buttoned up from an aesthetic point of view, is something that has an obvious niche in the energy drink cooler. All in all, we appreciate the uniqueness and innovative approach of Arriba; L.A. Libations has definitely done a very nice job with the execution.