Arty Water

by Arty Water Company

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Review: Arty Water

(Last Updated: Jul 30, 2014 at 10:34 AM)
Arty Artichoke Water is a unique beverage that is made with artichokes, pandanus leaf, spearmint, blue agave, and monk fruit (a zero-calorie sweetener). The obvious question about this product is whether or not it tastes like artichokes. Fortunately, it does not. Instead, we’d describe it as being somewhat similar to a tea. The flavor is slightly earthy and slightly tannic, with a hint of agave and spearmint flavors. Honestly, if you didn’t tell us that the product contained artichoke we probably wouldn’t have guessed that it was in this product. Furthermore, it doesn’t really qualify as a “water,” which, perhaps even more so than the lack of artichoke flavor, might confuse consumers (why not call it “artichoke tea?”). In any event, the product is surprisingly enjoyable to consume and we were left feeling as though we’d like more than an 8 oz. serving. On the packaging and positioning front, convincing consumers to drink their artichokes is definitely going to take a lot of education and sampling. Positioning it as a hydration beverage seems like a questionable angle (again, it drinks like a tea) and their choice of a bottle shape is one that looks much smaller than other 8 oz. products (e.g. a Harmless Harvest). As for the design, it’s clean looking, but it feels like it needs a bit more visual pop than it currently has. There’s also the bigger challenge of helping the consumer to get over the hurdle of wanting to drink something with artichokes and why they need it. Overall, it’s a good start, but we feel as though the company needs to do bit more to position this product for success.