Bally Blast

by Bally Total Fitness

This brand is no longer available

Product Type

Functional: Energy Drink: Regular


8.3 fl oz can

Nutritional Info

serving size 8.3 fl oz;
servings per container 1;
calories 120;
fat 0g;
sodium 95mg;
total carb 29g;
sugars 24g;
protein 3g;
vitamin c 180%;
vitamin b2 300%;
niacin 130%;
vitamin b6 260%;
vitamin b12 170%;
pantothenic acid 40%


water, sugar, glucose, ascorbic acid, taurine, artificial flavor, glucono delta lactone, sodium citrate, caffeine, caramel color, niacin, ginseng extract, inositol, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, ginkgo leaf powder, green tea cyanocobalamin

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Review: Bally Blast Energy Drink

Posted: Nov 23, 2003 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jan 10, 2003 at 10:14 AM)
Bally Blast Energy Drink has your same basic blend of energy drink ingredients -- taurine, ginseng, guarana -- plus some others that are not necessarily new to beverages, but aren't always found in energy drinks. Namely, it has green tea and ginkgo biloba. While these don't really have an impact on the flavor of the product, the product still has a slightly unique flavor profile. It's a citrus base with yellow/green color, but it's not nearly as sweet as many of the other products out there -- despite having 24g of sugars. Regardless, this is a decent tasting energy drink that could definitely be consumed during physical exercise