Blue Ridge Bucha

by Blue Ridge Bucha

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Tea: Kombucha


12.5 fl oz

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Review: Ginger

Posted: Mar 29, 2014 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Apr 03, 2014 at 11:00 AM)
Barefoot Kombucha’s Ginger flavor is a very flavorful raw kombucha that is definitely one of the better tasting ginger kombuchas that we’ve sampled. It’s big on ginger flavor -- but not spicy -- which pairs quite nicely with the light fermented flavor of the kombucha. It’s not an overly vinegary flavor, which is a good thing, while the company also found a nice balance with the amount of sweetness that’s in the product. All in all, this is a very nicely crafted product that should please kombucha fans as well as the mainstream that’s still new to the concept. Visually, the swing-top 12.5 oz. glass bottle is very beautiful. The minimalist look is well-executed and very professional looking, while still managing to keep the artisanal side alive and well. Since the company uses the same bottle for all of its flavors, the flavor name is put on a sticker on top of the cap. This seems slightly impractical, but really the only way to truly have a bottle that is reusable (although it’s always hard to say just how many will be reused). We’re curious to see if the company sticks with this approach. Otherwise, we honestly wouldn’t even consider changing a thing about the product.