Better Booch Premium Kombucha Tea

by Better Booch

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Tea: Kombucha


16oz Glass

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Review: Daily Revival

Daily Booch’s Daily Revival appears to be what one might call the “original” or flagship variety of the lineup. It’s an unflavored black tea (congou) based kombucha that’s moderately sweet and very smooth in its finish. The fermented flavor and effervescence of the product feel mainstream-oriented in that the kombucha doesn’t taste like vinegar or suffer from over-carbonation; this is exactly how we’d like kombucha to taste. Packaging and branding are polished and clean, which, at this stage of the kombucha category, puts it in a somewhat small group of professional looking products. We like the company's choice of a 16 oz. amber glass bottle, which, in its apothecary style, has a subtle “good for you” tone. However, we do feel as though Better Booch needs to do more to describe the flavor of the product. In addition, it’s confusing that the side of the bottle says “no added sugar,” yet evaporated cane juice is one of the ingredients (we can only assume that the company means that no sugar was added to the finished kombucha). Minor messaging improvements aside, this is a very enjoyable kombucha that can definitely stand with the best of them.