Better Booch Premium Kombucha Tea

by Better Booch

Yes We Can: Kombucha Looks to Future Outside Glass Bottles

As kombucha continues to penetrate mainstream retailers, brewers are exploring new ways to capture a larger share of the expanding set and create differentiation within it. Following the example of craft beer, they are increasingly looking to cans as a way to realize kombucha’s full potential.

Kombucha Dog Targets Four Brands in Lawsuits

Having filed multiple lawsuits over the past year against brands such as Health-Ade, Humm, and GT’s Living Foods, Tortilla Factory -- the parent company of Kombucha Dog -- filed complaints against an additional four kombucha brands earlier this week.

Review: Better Booch Kombucha

Based in Los Angeles, Better Booch produces a line of kombucha drinks that are made with organic ingredients. Available in six varieties, we sampled three and were impressed by each for their mainstream-oriented formulation and flavors.