Beverly Water

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Water: Still


33.8 oz

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Review: Beverly Hills 9OH2O

Posted: Oct 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Nov 04, 2013 at 10:19 AM)
Beverly Hills 9OH2O is a "master crafted water" that appears to be trying to one up all other premium and "luxury" waters that have come before it. Developed by a Los Angeles-based "water sommelier" (yes, you read that right), this product was designed to deliver optimum flavor in a high-end glass bottle. As for the water itself, the company starts with California spring water and add minerals to it, resulting in an alkalinity of 7.5 pH. The liquid certainly tastes very soft and smooth, although the use of glass (which eliminates a plastic-like flavor that you find in commodity and other bottled waters that are packaged in plastic bottles) definitely plays a role as well. To that end, the product definitely delivers balanced taste as the marketer promises, but it's really hard to say that this product is materially better than the competition. The packaging, however, is another story and ultimately where the luxury of the product feels more apparent. It's a visually striking bottle, especially for a water, with the heavyweight glass bottle looking like something that belongs in the spirits category rather than the water category. That's clearly what the company is going for and, for the most part, we think it has executed this well. But there's one thing that we really don't like about this product: the name. Unlike other brands that have been successful on premise (e.g. Fiji or Voss), this product's name feels cliche rather than chic; it sounds clunky, and it's going to be a really hard name to ever own. We're not saying this without cause -- all of these points directly undermine the prestige of the product. Overall, it's still early for this product, but it's a nice start and a platform that the company can definitely run with if properly evolved.