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Last Updated: 2/11/2011 11:14 AM

Beyond Kombucha’s Ginger Snow Buds variety blends water, sugar, snow buds white tea, kombucha culture, and organic fresh pressed ginger juice. The resulting mixture is extremely delicate-tasting, starting with the white tea base. From there, the ginger flavor hits your tongue, followed by just a touch of sweetness. The fermented flavor is there, but it’s certainly not the strongest kombucha out there. Given that this product is on the lighter side (at least relative to other kombuchas out there), this product is great for people who are new to the concept or those who are in the mood for something that’s light on the palette. On the packaging front, the 14 oz. glass bottle has been decorated in such a way that it would be hard to mistake it for something other than an artisanal product (starting with the fact that it says “artisan quality” on it). The label is simple and feels hand made, while the bottle, which is not a standard one for beverage products, is unique and feels good in the hand. If we’d change anything, it would be to add “white tea” to the front panel – it’s definitely more well known than snow buds. Overall, another solid kombucha from Beyond Kombucha.


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Product Type

Tea: Kombucha


14 oz Glass

Nutritional Info

Calories 50, Fat 0g


Reverse osmosis filtered water, pure cane sugar, Snow Buds White tea leaves, kombucha culture

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