Bhakti Chai

by Bhakti Inc

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Dairy: Dairy Alternative, Juice: Nut or Seed Milk, Tea: Sweetened


16oz Glass

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Review: Almond Blend

(Last Updated: Aug 04, 2014 at 1:21 PM)
This variety of Bhakti Chai blends black tea, fresh pressed ginger, evaporated cane juice, almond milk and spices into a product that’s loaded with flavor. The use of almond milk makes for a thinner product, which, much like the lack of soy (which was used in the company's flagship product), might be an added benefit for some consumers. Spice is definitely a key part of the flavor profile of this product. Some of what you’ll taste is Bhakti's chai spice blend, but the majority of the spice comes directly from the ginger. While it’s not necessarily “fiery” as the label states, it definitely has some zing and adds some freshness to the product. Bhakti also did a very nice job of putting just the right amount of sweetener into the product to balance it out. However, the product still has 260 calories per bottle, which might be an issue for some consumers. Ultimately, if you want a fresh chai that’s free of preservatives, soy and dairy, this is definitely a nice choice. Packaging is the same 16 oz. bottle that the company has been using since the beginning. At this point, we honestly feel as though it’s time for an upgrade. The bottle is lacking when it comes to visual appeal, and it’s hard to tell the flavors apart (the number of type treatments used on the label certainly doesn’t help). Overall, this is a very enjoyable tasting product, but it’s time for Bhakti to improve its curb appeal.