Black Medicine Iced Coffee

by Black Medicine Coffee Company

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Coffee Drinks


11oz Aluminum

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Review: Iced Mocha

Posted: Jan 06, 2015 at 9:39 AM (Last Updated: Apr 13, 2015 at 12:25 PM)
Following in the footsteps of its flagship Iced Coffee, Black Medicine’s Iced Mocha variety continues to show that pressure-brewed coffee can hold its own with cold-brew and other premium coffee drinks. This flavor is enhanced with brown sugar and cocoa powder, but ever so slightly (18g of sugars per bottle). And you have to shake it pretty vigorously to get the full effect of these ingredients. It has an extremely smooth and balanced flavor that was clearly formulated with the coffee drinker in mind. Visually, we’re big fans of the Black Medicine packaging and this one is definitely the standout of the three. The red accent color used on this flavor is very vibrant and really catches your eye thanks to its contrast with the black. We wish that the other flavors had more vibrant colors like this one. Beyond that, we’re still not totally convinced that a metal bottle is the right package for a high end RTD coffee. Still, we give the company a ton of credit for doing something different and executing it so perfectly.