BluePrint Juice

by Hain Celestial Group, The

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Juice: Fruit Juice


10oz Plastic

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Review: Carrot Lemon

Posted: Aug 07, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Aug 09, 2013 at 9:26 AM)
The Carrot Lemon flavor of BluePrint’s new 10 oz. bottled juice line is the most “hardcore” of the three flavors. Having only two ingredients -- carrot and lemon -- and a lack of sweetness definitely makes this a product that’s not for the entry level juice consumer. But for what it is, the product is quite good, with a bold carrot flavor that has been nicely balanced by the added lemon juice. However, we still feel as though adding something sweet to the mix (e.g. apples) will sell more bottles of this product. As far as the packaging and positioning are concerned, we very much like what they’ve done. The smaller format results in a lower price at $5.99, which should, at least in theory, help pull in consumers who were afraid to try the product at $10. In addition, the minimalist design works very well with the round bottle that they’ve chosen, resulting in something that looks and feels like a modern and very high quality product. However, we can’t help but feel as though the BluePrint branding needs a bit more emphasis, especially now that other, more strongly branded products have hit the market. Overall, a nice product that should pull well with BluePrint’s existing client base.