BluePrint Juice

by Hain Celestial Group, The

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16 oz

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Review: Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne

The Apple Lemon Cayenne Ginger variety of BluePrint is a product that’s right in the wheelhouse of its flagship line. The USDA Organic product is a cold-pressed HPP blend of apple, lemon, and ginger juices with added cayenne. Its flavor is sweet and tangy, with an apple first flavor that’s complemented nicely by the lemon and the spicy ginger and cayenne. To that end, it’s probably best compared to a souped-up apple cider. It’s definitely a formulation that could have pretty broad appeal, although it might not score so well with their existing consumer base that is used to drinking kale juice and other more adventurous flavors. Honestly, we’d probably find this product more enjoyable if it came in one of BluePrint's smaller bottle sizes. As it stands right now, 16 oz. is a bit too much. Otherwise, the packaging is clean and simple, with a front panel that’s organized and easy to understand. Overall, this is a nice tasting product, but we have a slightly hard time getting excited about it given that it’s so apple-heavy.