BluePrint Juice

by Hain Celestial Group, The

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Coffee Drinks, Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16 oz

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Review: Coffee Cashew Cinnamon Vanilla

This flavor of BluePrint is the brand's answer to the coffee and nut milk beverages that many cold-pressed juice companies have recently added to their lineups. BluePrint has blended water, cashews, agave, coffee concentrate, vanilla extract, cinnamon and vanilla specks to create the formulation, which is definitely a bit on the sweet side. The company has done a nice job of giving this product depth of flavor, with a ton of cashew flavor and a bold note of coffee. The base flavors are definitely enjoyable, but there is some grit in the product even if you shake the bottle very vigorously. Furthermore, the coffee flavor definitely doesn’t taste as good as what you’ll find in other products that are using cold brew or brewed varieties. If BluePrint could address these two concerns, the product would be pretty close to perfection. On the outside, the product looks the part of a BluePrint product. The minimalist design is clean and polished, while the color of the liquid both appeals to senses and gives a subtle indication of the product’s flavor. All in all, this is a nice addition to the lineup that should help expand the reach of the brand.