BluePrint Juice

by Hain Celestial Group, The

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16oz Plastic

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Review: Cranberry Cinnamon Orange Apple Ginger Agave

(Last Updated: Oct 24, 2014 at 9:55 AM)
BluePrint’s attempt at a seasonal flavor is this product, which is a blend of everything that you’ll find in the flavor name: orange juice, organic cranberry juice, organic apple juice, organic agave, organic ginger and organic cinnamon. From a taste perspective, it’s quite sweet and tart, with orange and cranberry being the most dominant fruit flavors. It’s quite nice to see that the apple flavor isn’t too strong and that the cinnamon and ginger give the product a decent spice note. Rather than being spicy, we’d describe the flavor as having a “holiday spice” that’s similar to what you’d find in homemade cranberry sauce. If anything, we’d like the product to be a bit less sweet than it currently is (it has 59g of sugar per bottle). Finally, the company has labeled the product as containing 84 percent juice, which might be confusing to the target consumer (most other products in the space are 100 percent juice). Explaining this would be a good idea. On the outside, the product looks just like every other BluePrint juice that has been produced to date. While that’s good from a familiarity point of view, we do think that the company is at the point where its naming convention is a bit challenging to remember. Overall, it’s a nice tasting product, but we feel as though the flavor could be refined and that a “seasonal” callout would be helpful.