Bolthouse Farms Kids Smoothies

by Wm. Bolthouse Farms

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Juice: Smoothie


6oz Plastic

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Review: Peach meets Mango

(Last Updated: Aug 18, 2014 at 11:59 AM)
As the name implies, this flavor of Bolthouse Farms’ Kids Smoothies is a peach mango smoothie that is designed for kids. From a flavor perspective, it’s the better of the two varieties in the line. It starts with the fact that the peach and mango flavors take center stage -- rather than the apple and banana flavors as in the brand's other SKU. Having a shorter ingredient list certainly doesn’t hurt. One interesting part of the formulation is the use of coconut water, which is hard to detect in the drink’s flavor. Plus, there’s only a very subtle mention of it on the label. Beyond that, the label feels rather busy. The small 6 oz. size of the bottle, which certainly seems like a good portion size, leaves a pretty tight space to work with. That said, making things a bit bigger and moving some of the text (such as the “fine print” on the bottom of the front panel) to the back would help this product’s visual appeal. Perhaps most importantly, the product’s targeting of kids seems rather unsophisticated and basic (it boils down to the use of the word “kids” and a smaller package size). Overall, it’s a decent addition to the Bolthouse line, but it’s not one that’s overly innovative or unique.