Brew Dr. Kombucha

by Townshend's Tea Company

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Tea: Kombucha


14 Oz Glass

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Review: Citrus Hops

Posted: Sep 22, 2015 at 12:31 PM (Last Updated: Sep 28, 2015 at 2:50 PM)
Brew Dr. Kombucha’s citrus hops-flavored Kombucha is a USDA Organic kombucha that features the bitter flavor of hops combined with a base of fermented tea. The company has also added oranges and coriander, which, when paired with the other flavors, makes for something that’s pretty light in body but still full-flavored. While we’ve had other hop-flavored kombuchas, this one seems like the best to date. We say this simply because the hop flavor doesn’t result in runaway bitterness as it does in some of the other products out there. Instead, it does a really nice job of enhancing the orange flavor. Otherwise, the product is mildly effervescent, slightly sweet, and doesn’t have any vinegary flavor to it -- a very drinkable brew. On the packaging front, the company has chosen a stubby 14 oz. amber glass bottle. We’re definitely fond of this bottle shape, but we feel as though there’s some work to do when it comes to the labeling system. Speaking purely from an aesthetic sense, it looks polished and professional. However, the flavor name is off to the left, which makes it clunky to read. It seems as though it would be better suited in the box that’s currently used for the ingredients (which could be moved to the back). Overall, a solid tasting kombucha that just needs a bit of refinement on its label.